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Would you trust this gym?

My son has turned five, and REALLY wants to take Jiu Jitsu. There's a really good gym not far away, and while the instructor definitely knows his jitz... I don't get the impression that he really "gets" kids that well.

Last night I found a closer gym, with good pricing. I talked with the instructor for a while, he seemed intelligent, knowledgeable, and very understanding of teaching kids. He's a black belt under Flavio Behring, and also has a black belt in Judo. In addition to two jitz classes each week, once a week, he also teaches the kids about things like "stranger danger", how to handle adult attackers and abductors, stuff like that.

Now, here are the two things that make me pause: First, the instructor is close to 400 pounds, if not OVER it. He seems to have what it takes to be a good instructor, but that does make me question his activity.

Second, his daughter teaches the women's class. And his daughter is... a blue belt. I asked "You have a blue belt teaching the class?", to which he responded "She has over ten years of mat experience, rolling and striking." I've never had a class taught by anything but a black belt.

So... you guys, tell me your thoughts. I see green flags and red flags, and I'm torn.

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