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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
But the second part is bull.

It takes a fraction of the force to collapse the windpipe vs KOing someone. There are no bones to disperse the energy, there's no meat to absorb the impact. Strike just above the Cricoid Cartillage and you are striking directly into the windpipe. With a flush hook. There's no guarantee of a KO. With a strike to the windpipe. A 60 year old woman could cut off oxygen flow, even temporarily, and activate the gag reflex.

I can again agree that they both have the same probability of landing. However, the throat strike is almost guaranteed to be DAMAGING. Where as a hook punch that lands flush has the potential to KO, but if it doesn't hit with that kind of power, it'll just hurt. And that's the big difference in a street fight (under the conditions where running is not an option). Damage vs Pain.
really? i thought you were going to try and refute the first.

well the force required to KO someone is far more readily available than the precision to hit an area as small and easily protected as the throat.

attacking the throat against someone with no formal training is "okay" same as throwing a punch etc if you cant throw a good punch, focus attacking only the throat against someone with formal training is a great way of not remembering the lesson they teach you.

maybe if you were 100lbs, can fight for crap, have no force behind your strikes and had no other option then sure go for the throat. or if its just given to you, then sure why not. but thats really it lol :P

edit: and the same probability of landing? id say id land 7 hooks+ to every throat strike landed. no way is it close in easy to land, hooks would be there all day, the throat would not unless in a situation where it wouldnt matter hook or throat attack.

edit: well i have to head out for a bit. but ill be back later, ill leave with this:

while we're talking about such techniques, why instead of fighting dont we just drop to our knees and pray that the other guy just gives up or something xD

that or we can do some sick neck snaps


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