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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
really? i thought you were going to try and refute the first.

well the force required to KO someone is far more readily available than the precision to hit an area as small and easily protected as the throat.

attacking the throat against someone with no formal training is "okay" same as throwing a punch etc if you cant throw a good punch, focus attacking only the throat against someone with formal training is a great way of not remembering the lesson they teach you.

maybe if you were 100lbs, can fight for crap, have no force behind your strikes and had no other option then sure go for the throat. or if its just given to you, then sure why not. but thats really it lol :P

edit: and the same probability of landing? id say id land 7 hooks+ to every throat strike landed. no way is it close in easy to land, hooks would be there all day, the throat would not unless in a situation where it wouldnt matter hook or throat attack.
When you're right, you're right. Assuming they're in a back stance, its the same physiological movement to throw a groin kick, or a leg kick. But if they're "straight squared up homie!" its a front slap kick.

The thing about a throat strike that I have always liked is that it works under the same principle as an uppercut, in that you come from underneath, but also strike straight to the point, aggressively. In that way it can slide underneath a side head block. Or even fully covered, depending on elbow positioning. In that way, even a trained opponent, depending on skill.

I assumed we were refering to self-defense. Most people aren't trained fighters brudda. A basic technique like a jab or cross/overhand or rear hook, along with a throat strike is easy to learn for a noob, and works in a self-defense situation.

I wasn't refering to hooks in general. If you don't want to end the fight instantly and run like hell. You can go ahead and throw hooks all day. However, in a street fight the goal is to do enough damage quickly, with the goal of running away and NOT being stabbed, shot, or robbed, right?

Edit: Neck snaps only work if your name is Steven Seagal. Then they're epicly effective!

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