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Originally Posted by Kin View Post
As for the goggles and eye-gouges, I've suggested that on Yahoo answers before(though it wasn't me who mentioned paint). That's a GREAT alternative to throwing pretend eye-strikes in the air, but it's still not the real thing. I've dissected an eye before and while it's far from indestructible, eyeballs aren't bubble-wrap. They don't pop from the slightest pressure, and it's not as easy as some people think to disabilitate an eye.
Just a little comment on that one. Yes, eyes are pretty durable due to their spherical nature, but have you ever accidentally poked yourself in the eye¿ Usually tears instantly start to shoot, vision gets obscured and you will squint your eyes. And that's what the good old poke-in-the-eye is for. It's not the ultimate finishing technique, but a solid set up for following techniques.

You see that also in MMA fights when someone accidentally gets a finger in his eye. Even though the fighters are fully adrenalised, they usually have to stop the fight for several seconds.

Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
I can see where you're coming from with competitior vs survivalist. But I think that in this situation, one where there are no rules, a survival situation, the survivalist has the advantage.

Which was my meaning with the original post on page 1. In the cage, a pure Kung Fu fighter, Karateka, Judoka, anyone not well rounded would get smacked around like a redheaded stepchild, almost no question. However in a street situation, I stand by my belief that a competition fighter, conditioned for competition (rules, limiting techniques, etc), will not be as prepared for a survival situation (now my favorite description for a no-escape situation!) in the manner a self-defense fighter would be.

In that way, I suspect a fighter who'd totally conditioned himself to strike at vital points, to damage his opponent's body to break his will so as not to die, would be able to apply the proper counter to any competition fighter's overhand.

The term regarding the elderly woman was in regard to the resiliancy of the human biology against this technique when properly performed. I have no belief that grammy can kill an MMA fighter.
The problem you two have in your debate is your one-dimensional comparison of an MMA fight and a self defense situation. They are not that easily compared, because while MMA fights always have (more or less) the same frameset (two fighters, same weightclass, ring/octagon, time limit, same rules), self defense situations on the other hand may differ strongly from each other (1 up to n opponents, no rules, possible weapons, often unknown area, etc.). Pure hand to hand combat in self defense training is NOT to keep it hand to hand, but to bridge the time you need to either find the gap to run away and/or to find an "equalizer" (weapon). It's not so much the physical abilities that give the "survivalist" an advantage in a self defense situation, but his mindset and knowledge on how to use the environment.

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