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Originally Posted by Indestructibl3 View Post
Yeah me too man, I mean the guy was at the Beijing Olympics in '08 and wasn't doing much (if any?) JJ at the time, and now 2 years later he's already a purple belt and training with Garcia.

Having said that, there is no one in the WW division - whether it be where he's at now Bellator, Strikeforce or even the UFC with a JJ game anywhere near Garcia's, so he should be okay for now. Although he is susceptible to submissions from inside the guard as we saw in the Lyman Good fight with that triangle. I think Askren's gonna be an absolute beast if he continues rolling with the best guys and picks his striking up a bit - really looking forward to seeing his game progress.

Good stuff man, I've definitely seen an improvement in my game from just watching him roll and trying to implement some of his moves when in my game. Like, right now I've got this obsession with taking the back and focusing on locking an arm with my foot, then trying to finish the choke.
There's basically no one in the welterweight division in any sport (except, of course, Pablo Popovitch) that has a game close to Garcia's. He's a warrior, and a genius.

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