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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
It's not just about business for Strikeforce, though ultimately that's what is going to swing Scott Coker's decision, and he is the one with the pull over these matchups.
I agree but Coker has already come out and said multiple times that he wants this fight to happen. The fans want it to happen. Mayhem wants it to happen. Nick Diaz is literally the only person that doesn't want this fight to happen.

It's also an issue of the interests of the camp. There's not much to gain and a lot to lose for Diaz. If he beats Jason Miller, what does he gain? A win over a middleweight (a division that he has no interest in fighting in long term) that doesn't seriously improve his international credibility as a welterweight, that doesn't give him another title defense and that doesn't help him build an argument for himself as either a legend killer or a legend himself.
But if he loses, his legitimacy as the champ is inevitably going to be challenged, his confidence gets shaken and his ability as a draw for Strikeforce (which is important for negotiating his contract) is going to be substantially diminished.
In my opinion, he should have though about all of this before attacking Mayhem. My biggest problem with it, is that he is still pulling stunts like this AFTER the Gracie camp has been leaning away from the fight. If he literally does not want this fight then fine, don't take it. But he really needs to stop provoking Mayhem.

If you're trying to make the "man up and fight" argument, that's fine, but the reality is that fighters at the level that Diaz is at can't afford to take grudge matches. Realistically, that's possible for guys like Hermes Franca when he fights a guy for a dollar, at a point where he wasn't in the top ten and wasn't staring down a title shot.
To be honest, fighter's at Diaz's level don't attack fellow fighters and throw water bottles at them either. A real professional needs to act professional.

But this is a time when Diaz is finally trying to focus on establishing his legitimacy as a title holder. Strikeforce is finally bringing in competition for him to defend his belt against, and he is finally starting to realize that fighting in exhibition matches is not a good way to establish a ranking.
I wouldn't have a problem with this. I just want him to stop provoking Mayhem, and for him , not the Gracie Camp, but Nick Diaz to come out and say that he does not want to fight Mayhem Miller.

Does he have an obligation to sack up and fight a guy that he's been dealing with a grudge match with for a long time? You can make that argument.

I think he needs to either fight Mayhem, or come out, say no, and stop with the nonsense.

But the reality is that it's not good for his career, it's not good for the fans and it's not good for the organization that would end up putting the bout on. So, why should we entertain that obligation over the financial interests of the organization and the possibility of more interesting fights that have a title on the line and, as a result, more relevance?

Like I said earlier, everyone including Scott Coker wants this fight to happen.

James Toney keeps talking about how he should fight Wladimir Klitschko. Is it in anyone's best interest for that fight to happen? No. Is it the best fight out there for the fans? Not really.

These are two different situations. Miller wants a chance to have a fair fight against someone who he believes tried to beat him in a cheap way.

So why should I care that the fight isn't happening? What's the motivation of the fans to push for it and (not at all separately) what's the motivation of promoter to try and get these two guys to sign the contract?
This fight can be marketed in a huge way. Their conflict is out in the open, fans want the fight to happen, Coker wants the fight to happen, because fights that draw this much attention are good for business.
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