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Originally Posted by Kin View Post
Fair enough. I often overreact on this topic because I've heard so many people tell me that they could beat Fedor with an eye-gouge or groin shot...
That would be ridiculous indeed. The average guy would still lose to Fedor or any top ranked MMA HW even if these were handicapped by being handcuffed behind their backs. Self defense is to get the odds on your side and trying to use every advantage there is, but it can be that the opponent is still stronger and then you just lose if you can't run away. Chances are high to "win" if the opponent was about the same size with the same or just little higher physical abilities in the first place, but if his abilities surmount the victim a lot, chances will still be low. That's why sometimes people with weapons lose to unarmed opponents. Basic chances were increased by the weapons, but not enough for that specific opponent.
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