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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
I know I am late to the game but I still think Fitch is bigger than 190 in the cage. BJ being 165 gives IMO at least a 30lb weight difference. When you consider that its 165 pound guy giving up 30lbs or 18% of his body mass and Couture gave up like 20% it is in the realm of comparison at the least.
So, what you're telling me is that, in the period of 28-30 hours, you think that Jon Fitch gains 20 pounds? I'm telling you, it'd make him physically sick and basically unable to fight.

Most guys can get close to where they hard cut from, but twenty pounds of weight gain is insane. So he eats five pounds of food and fluid at (essentially) four meals? No, of course not.

That number is insane.

Your opinion that fighters don't cut that much baffles me I was at even a local fight last week and sitting right were the fighters get checked before entering the cage and there was a WW from Kelowna BC who was bigger than me I am am 6'1 192lbs. He had to be at least 200lbs if not more to be honest I was mind boggled because it was such a small card I couldn't figure out why somebody would do that to themselves. (most guys on the card looked like they cut maybe 10lbs.
What's you're body fat percentage? What's his body fat percentage? I'm giving you realistic numbers. I see guys cut weight all the time for grappling and for MMA. There are huge guys in small weightclasses, and they do it by losing all of their body fat and making an additional hard cut, dropping the water weight.

They don't, then, put back on all of their body fat. They put back the water, but the idea that these guys are cutting 15% in water weight is pretty nuts. It's done very, very rarely, and not without significant damage to cardio and performance.

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