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Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and shake the d-bag out first before I start describing my training over the past week or two. Why the f-ck to so many local guys forget they're NOT supposed to get punched in the face! I was watching all of the videos from the last two events for the local promotion I want to become a part of. And I have to wonder. Where do a couple of these guys train, if at all? It really pisses me off to see some guy wade in with his hands at his hips and throw punches like some wild orangutan. What. The. F-ck! Its insulting that I work so damn hard on my stand up and these goof balls lob shots like noobs!

Okay. Now that my pissy rant is over I can actually look at it logically. Perhaps many of those guys have a background in grappling and are still learning their stand up. Or maybe they don't have the quality trainers or training they need to have stand up skills. Either way, it causes me much discontent to think that they can get pro and ammy fights with such poor technique. My sadface is on when I think of it...

On to actual training and whatnots:

I just got my new Title handwraps and fight shorts. Which blow my old Sprawl shorts, and Everlast handwraps out of the water. The shorts are kinda awesome in that they fit comfortably even with the cup in, something that was always a problem with the Sprawls which were cut too tight around the pelvis, and have that nice long slit along the outside fo the leg, which gives a better free range of motion. Moral: Looovvveee iiiitt!

I've been hitting the bag and shadowboxing daily now. Getting more excited to train again. Still don't lift as much as any intelligent man would, but since I got that Thai bag I've been like a crackhead in need of a fix! Something about slamming home those low kicks is like magic in a synthetic leather box! There has however been complaints from the family that its too loud and it vibrates the house, etc, etc. I've replied with the usual, "See this guy. This is a guy who doesn't care." But its still an annoyance I need to think about avoiding eventually.

As for individual technique work. I've been working on using my jab to move in and out. And using a few combinations of straights to set up leg kicks/head kicks. I've also ben working angles on leg kicks. I tend to strike with my instep with lead leg kicks, I like that extra four inches of security between my face and my opponent's fist. So I've been stepping at angles to put more power into the kick to compensate for not striking with the shin bone. Where as with my rear legged kick I always strike aim to strike with the shin bone. My thought is, I'm turning a full body length closer to my opponent, so I might as well aim to hit with the hardest part possible. I've also wanted to improve my ability to move back out after a leg kick. I seem to me, to lazily slide back out after throwing, or nonchalantly throw a punch. This is stupid and iz disappoint. I need to either, slip left or right, THEN throw another punch, or burst back out (preferably at an angle other than straight back) so as to avoid a counter.

My training partner has told me he wants to get back on the bandwagon in February, which would coinside nicely with me getting that gym membership. So hopefully I will be able to rachet things up to uber speed pretty soon!

Diet speaking. Things have been better. I've finally gotten through to the family regarding heavily oiled and fried foods. Now I just have to get through to them regarding overly processed foods. I also need to get myself dedicated to the second part. I started working on getting only non processed or minimally processed foods, but then I realized, most processed sh*t is noms! So it'll take a bit more willingness and motivation on my part before I'll be able to talk anyone into anything.

Psyche and sh*t: I feel like a baby, or a dog or something. I see something cool. I get to play with it, but then I get bored with it in an hour. That seems to be a big problem for me that I need to work out...

Edit: I found these in my "stupid pictures" folder and decided they were a good comparison and description of what I want out of my training!

I want to be this guy

I don't want to be this guy!

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