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Went in an hour early to meet up with Kajan and Rory and see if they'll let me get my ass kicked. Unfortunately something changed in the planning because neither were there.

Luckily my training partner was there and willing to hold pads. We rigged me up to the fence again with the bungee cords, this time around a protective belt so that I wasn't crushing my organs Did decently for the five rounds, my partner kept it challenging and then after the five rounds we unhooked me and did a round or so of movement and light combos ending in hard kicks.


Technique was spider guard stuff. I didn't do too hot in rolling today, first off I rolled our black belt instructor and at least gave a decent round that ended in me getting collar choked. Then I found myself feeling mighty drained for a tough match purple belt, who dominated me in side control, to north south and finished with a kimura. He also got my back later and finished with a bow and arrow. Next two rounds were a bit of relief, a good kid and a good purple belt chick but finally I could relax and flow without using a bunch of energy that I didn't have


Technique was take downs against the wall/cage, drilled with a partner trying to take us down and vice versa. Then we did the same thing without the wall, one partner defending while the other tries for the take down. Finally we drilled from standing open guard with strikes, the stander is trying to strike, pass, and lock up side control for a restart, the bottom guy is protecting, preventing the pass and locking them down in guard for a restart.

It was at this point that Rory Macdonald, Denis Kang, and another guy showed up. I was far too drained to give Rory proper sparring, and I had no 'in' without Kajan there so I just continued to the last class.

Muay Thai
Shadowboxing, drilled combos for half an hour or so, did punch -> leg kick combos on the kick shield, did pyramids of kicks to end the class.

4 hours makes it a solid day. I need a long, hot bath.

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