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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Thats what it seems. This organization shouldn't have the power to do that. Its makes MMA less legit when you have good-great fighters fighting people who are merely decent. With the opponents they have been giving diaz.. i wouldn't be surprised if Diaz ends up holding the record for most consecutive wins. SF more and more is becoming a joke of an MMA organization. They shouldn't have the power to make a mockery out of records. In the UFC if you are on a 5 fight win streak.. then that record means something. In SF if you are on a 20 fight win streak it still doeskin mean you fought one legit opponent. Why are they allowed to do this to mma.?
That is why any intelligent fan will look at said record and who they have beat...not just the wins and losses.

Mousassi for instance. People without a clue look at his volume of look closer and he has beat so many cans it isn't even funny.

I like fighters who aren't afraid to lose and seek the best competition.
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