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Feeling burnt out but went in for a quick workout

Sprawl Deadlifts 8,8 @165lbs
DB Clean & Squat 8,8 @55lbs
BB Squat & Press 8,8 @+30lbs

Neck Circuit
Forward Bridge 2:00
Handstand Bridge 2:00
Backward Bridge 2:00

Some boxers were taking up the strongman area tonight. I wanted to do sled pushes, rope climbs and tire flips. Think I'll turn these things and more into a circuit next time and do 3 minute rounds.

My gym's using the holidays as an excuse to close a shit ton this month. Over a week of no classes and lots of gym closures really sucks when you're preparing for a fight. I'm supposed to keep the momentum strong for the next 2-3 weeks so I'll use alternatives.
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