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I was in no way implying that the moderators were not doing their jobs I am sure you guys have your hands full and cant catch everything as it happens. I was merely surprised at what appeared to be a very liberal set of rules.
not to take sides but evilhomer: i do wish you would give it a rest. I am sure you have more to add to this thread than some insults. I find that most mma fans have some interesting things to say even if some are less knowledgeable than others.
I think it took a lot of class for cbingham to apologize.
I just wish I could remember the name of that board I was banned for. I was only there two days and i was gone for slamming on tito the night of the shamrock fight. I do think that if a mod is going to ban someone or remove their membership they coudl atleast warn someone. kinda makes me think of em as a bunch of power hungry cowards. but i digress.
Now what were we talking about? :P
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