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Is Fedor ready to fight Dana?

Aftr a few puches to te hed Im bak and redy to post some stuf for you pople to discuss. plp have been said punching head make dumber peopple, tis is ovbiulsu wrong and Im her to talk to you about te reale world.

People may not have realised it but Dana has been fighting Fedor for a long time now. He has also been dictating where the fight took place. Instead of in the ring Dana has been fighting where he stands a chance. In the media.

Dana has been talking soo much trash about Fedor that weakminded people has already fallen and starting to belive in their leader and idol - Dana. Behind all the trashing Dana is a very cleaver man.

Dana know that to alter a mind all one got to do is repeate the same message over and over and people will eventually accept it and take it for a truth. Since people - generally - can't think for themself.

Stuff such as "Fedor is ducking competition", "Fedor is not a top..." has been cleaverly repeated over and over to truley make you a beliver and follower of the UFC sect leader Dana White.

While Dana has all the time in the world to do PR-attacks Fedor is busy training. Dana knows English as well, Fedor don't. While Dana makes good statments that media repeat over and over, beliveing they got a scoop. Fedor just sits there probably feeling beaten and frustrated. No matter how hard he try to retaliate the problem remains, media can't even understand the Fedor and he isn't as well spoken. It probably don't matter who Fedor beats or how. He has lost the fight already and has to fight the way that Dana want, witch is in the UFC. If he ever plans on becoming a "accepted" top 5 fighter again.

Look how happy Dana is.

Danas MMA results as of now:
Dana vs Fedor: 1-0.

How should Fedor retaliate to all the trash? Is this a man Fedor cant beat? Whats your thoughts on Danas Trashing of Fedor, is he correct that Fedor is ducking, not top 5 etc? Could Fedor destroy any door known to man?
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