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Been over a month I guess since my last update, but I can't say there's too terribly much to discuss. I'll say that I've been focusing a lot lately on strength building. Although the ultimate intent is power, and a lot of what I'm doing right now is translating into power, it's a lot of strength building. If that distinction makes any sense. This is because I frankly feel very weak compared to not only other light heavyweights, but to how strong the ideal version of myself should be. Not to mention, I've also been taking an ever increasing interest in powerlifting and Strongman. That being said, here's a link to my strength training blog: That way I don't have to muddy up my training log here with all of that weight lifting business. No offense taken if nobody reads the strength training blog. It's as much as for me as this log here is for me.

In terms of cardio, I've done little. Maybe some light jogging here and there, but nothing intense. It's cold outside, and the ground's covered in snow and ice. No excuses, really, but that's enough to hold me back from doing any major cardio right now. In any case, I've entirely stopped smoking for a while now, I would guess I stopped smoking about a month before my last post. So I'm probably two months smoke free. And I've been lifting this entire time. So I feel like my lungs are stronger than ever, and I'd say my muscular endurance is pretty solid. Not mind blowing or real fighter status or anything, but solid. It'll be better before I ever step foot in a ring or cage anyway, and I feel like I've got enough oomph in my swing that any street thing wouldn't be "going the distance", if you get me.

Diet-wise, I'm as wishy washy as ever. I eat well for a while, then I come on hard times and eat whatever I can get. I'm off the drink for a while, then I come back to the sweet embrace of the creature and dump 2500 useless calories into my body every Saturday night. Even so, I feel slimmer. More sturdy. I would say that the strength training has been helping me to burn. Not nearly as much as real cardio or good dieting would, but it is what it is, and I'll take it for what it is. I'll work more on my weight as time goes on, but January is a bulking month so I won't see any real weight loss until February, at the absolute earlier.

Seeing as this is a martial arts-oriented forum, I s'pose I should talk about what I've been doing in those terms, huh? Like I mentioned, I've been focusing on strength training mainly. Truth be told I haven't done nearly as much for my martial skills as I should've been. At best what I've been doing could be called maintenance, if anything. I stretch a little bit here and there, throw some punches and some kicks. I'll do 15-25 minutes shadowboxing just whenever, every other day if I'm feeling froggy. Sometimes I'll do a little shadowboxing just when I'm bored or anxious, or between sets when I'm lifting.

I'll hone in on the martial arts stuff a little more, just so it doesn't seem like I'm being too terribly lazy or unattentive to my training. I've been throwing the same combination a lot, I notice. Jab, Cross, Jab, Hook. I shouldn't focus too much on any one combination, right? I mean, I need variety, and I don't want to be predictable. Yet at the same time, "I fear more the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times, than the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once", you know? Ehh. It's whatever. It's always important to be working on that muscle memory and improving, and that is a solid combination that includes probably the/my most used punches. So I'll settle for now. I'll definitely be working on a bigger variety of hand combinations in the months upcoming. Beyond that, I threw some head kicks the other day. S'alright. Lost some flexibility, but I still feel strong on the rear leg and decently fast on the lead.

Only other thing worth mentioning is that I think the fam is hooking me up for Christmas. Think I'll be getting the (albeit cheap) cam I was wanting, as well as a better mount for my heavy bag, and God willing a double end bag. So maybe in January y'all can have some videos of North doing bagwork to scoff at, eh?

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