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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
Traditional Chinese Martial Arts are only good for the Movies my friend, what really works in the cage is a combined knowledge of Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ or maybe you never watched MMA.
It's not that simple. MMA is a sport of evolution. First, BJJ/grappling was the big deal and dominated the other styles, then the MT/Kickboxers learnt how to defend take downs and became players in the game as well and recently wrestling became a more and more important factor. Nowadays you need knowledge in all of these three arts to succeed, but it's not merely a summed up knowledge. Every of these arts has to be adjusted for MMA, so it's not unlikely that in the future at least specific aspects of other arts might find their way to be incorporated (probably not so much a whole art, as the different stages of the fight - stand up, clinch/take down, ground fight are already covered up). Lately we have seen the boxing jab (which is not so much used in pure Muay Thai) being utilised effectively, from time to time we even witness flashy moves used with success (spinning back kicks or even a wall run kick).

As for Wing Chun, as a single art it has not many chances, as has no single art, but I could imagine that i.e. intelligently incorporated chain punches could become an additional weapon against people who storm forward with big overhand punches.
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