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Something I noticed that nobody else has brought up-

If TUF kept going as it was, wtih newcomers, the UFC would end up have another dozen or so guys added every season. Meaning the UFC would end up with over 100 guys, with a good half or more of them coming from these shows.

I'm not saying it's gonna be more exciting, but it's better than another new group of guys. The first season was OK, Griffin ended up being one of my favorite fighters to watch, but Bonnar is a little bit overrated. Diego Sanchez I can't stand but he's a good fighter. The second season I didn't care for at all. The third was ok but we'll see how good these guys end up being. I do think Bisping has potential. But aside from those what, 6-8 winners from those shows, there's a good majority of the show fighters in the UFC. The more of them there are, the less chance you are gonna have of watching fights in the PPV with people you actually don't hate. The difference with these guys is you already know them to begin with. You know them from fighting. The TUF shows before you didn't know anything about these people except the lame drama that Spike chose to show with "Oooh he poured a hose on him and he punched through the door this guy is so tough!" You know what I mean? You either liked or disliked those guys based on the show as a first impression, before you saw them fight even in most cases. Least these guys, you may already know enough about them to give a crap about who washes the dishes or rubbed their gloves on some guys ass.

We shall see what happens, I don't think it'll be terrible with the coaches they got cuz I really like Randy and St. Pierre is a stallion.
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