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Issues with Strikeforce.

First of all, let me assure you I am NOT a UFC is the Gospel of MMA kind of guy, however....

How can peopleÖ.I donít wanna say like because I do like Strikeforce, they put on great fights, but as competition to the UFC, how can you honestly see them as such?

Take Nick Diaz for example.

I donít make too much about it, because I like being here, but Iím about as Anti-GSP as you can get, diehard BJ fan, donít like GSP at all, but GSP is fighting the best in the world constantly, as drawn out as that sounds.

Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy, and Josh Koscheck = All Top Ten.

Marius éaromskis, Hayato Sakurai, and KJ Noons

Not the worst competition, okay guys but not top ten, I know Sakurai was a long time ago, and Marius is the DREAM Champ, but would he beat Alves, Hardy, or Koscheck in a fight? Doubtful. Letís look at their upcoming fights.

GSPís next fight? Jake Shields.

Nick Diaz? Ö..Cyborg.


Cyborg is not a top ten guy, and heís really in there just for Diaz to beat, enough about the 170ís though, how aboutÖ.Light Heavyweight?

Dan Henderson is next for Feijao, okay.

Feijao has KO power, but letís be real, youíre not gonna KO Hendo. Henderson should win by making Feijao wrestle him, I think thatís likely, but whose next after Hendo/Feijao? Regardless of the winner.

Mousasi? Interesting fight, but we all saw his TDD get exposed against King Mo, a fight with Henderson goes the same way, Feijao would be different, itíd be fun while it lasted but Mousasi could easily take that fight. Would this even happen? Mousasiís the DREAM Champion at 205, he has business to take care of there.

Even after Mousasi, whose next? King Mo? Please.

What about the Heavyweights?

Some say they have a better Heavyweight Division than the UFC, I dispute that, we know for a fact, the UFCís number two is better than Strikeforceís number two, thatís all we know in regards to that. Strikeforce does have a nice Heavyweight division, they want to do an eight man tournament in 2011.

They have the talent, they also have Alistair Overeemís K-1 aspirations and M-1 to deal with, not to mention Barnett getting licensed in the states will be difficult.

They should just make Overeem vs. Werdum.

What about the Middleweights?

Well, thereís Mayhem, Robbie Lawler, and a few guys. Jacare is in my opinion leaps and bounds better than these guys, I think he could easily be number 2 in the world, number 1 when Anderson retires. They have a nice division but only Jacare stands out.

And the Lightweights?

Gilbert Melendez canít even get a fight, he might as well just pack his bags and head to the UFC, when you have to politic for a fight, as a Champion no less, something is really wrong.

Again, I like Strikeforce but Iíve not seen anything from that shows me theyíre a competitor, I think itís a shame DREAM canít get more of those guys, I believe theyíd make a much better number 2 to the UFC.

Always rooting for: Bisping, Shogun, Jon Jones, Daley, Hardy, Sonnen, Fedor, Couture, Jacare.
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