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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
You know for a fact that the top 2 fighters in the HW division at the UFC are better than the top 2 at SF because JDS beat Werdum and Werdum beat Fedor so that makes UFC better, are you kidding.

if your going to play that game then I bet I can make Kimbo Slice one of the top HW's who ever existed;

Kimbo beat Houston Alexander beat Keith Jardine beat Brandon Vera beat Frank Mir beat Big Nog beat Rodriguez beat Arlovski beat Werdum beat Fedor who beat everyone on the way and every angle from there.

So now are you going to argue that Kimbo is the new GOAT or do you see how pathetic your argument is, where did you rank Serra when he was champ?

Werdum is top 5 at SF at best he is living higher on a fluke victory nothing more.

I dont think anyone denys that the UFC is miles ahead in the MW, WW and LW divisions, but at HW SF has at least 3 of the top 5 HW's in the world, including the top 2 (Overeem and Fedor)

And I for one would like to see the fading quality in the LHW division at the UFC put to the test against the current SF LHW division, its arguable they have the best wrestler out of the 2 divisions in King Mo, its unquestionable they have the best Submission artist in Roger Gracie, in fact submission quality wise at LHW I would give them the top 3 without a doubt.

And its questionable that they could have a in his prime champ that could take out the some what unlucky injury prone champ who is not even well rounded, maybe its just possible he was able to take No.1 spot in a weaker division, maybe Karate was able to rise to the top of a week MMA division, maybe the lack of submission artist in the UFC division is allowing there young up and coming wrestlers to be over aggressive in top position, I would love to see how Jones would posture himself up against someone like Roger Gracie on the ground for example.

Hay but the UFC does not need to prove its fighters in combat, it just needs to tell people hard and loud that it has the best fighters, but never do there fighters have to go out and fight the others from outside the UFC's protective wing to prove themselves, not like SF fighters like Mousasi has done becoming the new Dream LHW champ.

But hay thats all OK because the UFC is a business right, the sport does not matter to them its all just business and since it would be bad for business for them to allow there fighters to fight outside the UFC or to co-promote, fuk it they dont have to.

Even tho its only bad for business if there fighters loose, it there fighters win they its good for them because it strengthens there claim to have the very best, Fedor wanted to fight Randy Couture when he was UFC HW champ but as a one off without signing for the UFC, what do you think would of happened if that fight had took place, why do you think the UFC never of allowed it?
Who said Cain and Junior were better than Overeem and Werdum?

It IS proven that Junior can and has beat Werdum, thus the UFC's top contender is better than Strikeforce's top contender. You took your argument in a completely different direction, using MMAmath could Junior beat Fedor? Who knows but that's not the topic, what is know is that when they fought Junior KO'ed Fabricio. When talking about the Heavyweight divisions and how they would stack up against each other, it's all speculation except that fight because it's happened and we know Junior can KO Werdum.

Always rooting for: Bisping, Shogun, Jon Jones, Daley, Hardy, Sonnen, Fedor, Couture, Jacare.

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