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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Guys, remember to read the rules, which can be found in the sticky in this section. Posting this in here to not disrupt that thread.

I removed a few posts from the debate that IM started above, as they did not qualify to be posted in the debate. Nothing off topic, no throw in posts, no simply observations. If you post in a thread, you need to debate it in an in-depth manner, take an example of how IM and Liddell are debating, or other threads, otherwise it's a regular discussion thread and could be posted elsewhere, like in the lounge. This place is for in depth debate.

I honestly didn't realize this meant we couldn't comment on one element of an argument. I think you're going to end up with a fairly stifled debate if someone is obligated to address every component of an argument, that simply is not a feasible proposition as debates tend to grow like a branch or root system and after the first page the idea of debating every single element of the argument is impossible.

and honestly i think the epicurus thread is a fairly simple concept compared to some debates that would become radically splintered in just a few posts.

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