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Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 34
2 - 30
3 - 27
4 - 26
5 - 27
Total - 144

Gym's been closed the last two days or I would be doing more. Today I did the burpees in the kitchen. There's very little classes going on until after january 2nd which is inconvenient, but the weight room will be accessible so I'll be focusing on conditioning circuits, and pads/bagwork.

Post holiday weigh in

204lbs 11.1% bf
198lbs 10.7% bf
198lbs 9.9% bf
201lbs 10.5% bf
199lbs 10.3% bf
203lbs 10.5% bf

Big spike, but expected. We'll lean out to around 200lbs over the next 2+ weeks and water cut the last 10lbs.
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