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             elbow hurts like a bitch. Lemme go ahead and explain what I did and anyone who happens to read this can revel is how noobish the error was!

So I'm working teh bag for the first time since the beginning of my Christmas holiday (24th). I'm feeling f-ing great. "I'm the mutha f*ckin Batman!" great. And I get into this really nice combination that ends with a spinning backfist. So I'm lovin this shit, like lovin it like I'd love to get into a dark closet alone with Marissa Miller. And I slipped just before throwing the spinning backfist (who the f*ck slips on grip matting!), so I was too close to the bag. I hit the bag right behind my elbow and my forearm bent around the apex of the bag. I do not have words for how much it hurt. It was far beyond any armbar I'd ever been in. It. Was. Agony.

So now I'm checking it out and it appears to be an injury to the musculature rather than the joint. When I fully extend my forearm with my fist in the punching position, there's no pain, only very slight discomfort. When I fully extend my forearm in the backfist position, it's painful. This tells me that it is in some way related to the musculature, i.e. tendon or ligament, I'm leaning toward ligament. However there's almost zero discomfort from regular daily motions of my elbow, which tells me its not a torn ligament, likely just a hyperextended one. Remedy: Light work for a few days/weeks, no more backfists for a while. Lots of joint and muscle supplements.

Now on to training. As stated above, I really hadn't done too much special over the course of the past week or so. With that in mind, I've been playing around in my head with several ideas for training. Most of which are either, not feasible, won't work, or just plain dumb. However I think there might be a few nuggets of awesome in there somewhere!

I know I'm a serious technique buff. Rah, rah, technique-ey stuff! But I need to adjust my focus a bit. My technique will never be perfect. But I think after 3-4 years of just trying to develop technique, its getting close to as good as its gonna get at this level. I need to adjut and focus on some of the other components where I haven't been working. Firstly is wind. While my technique is good. My cardio wouldn't get me through a single three round affair IMO with any kind of resiliency. By the end of the second round, I'd probably get getting lit up. Secondly is endurance, muscular. These two areas cardio and muscular endurance, are fundamentally linked, so it should be pretty easy to develop them together (so I hope!).

Diet. It being Christmas I've been pouring vast amounts of carbohydrates and fats into my body. Far more than I would any normal day, and definitely far more than I should have while not working out. I feel fat, lethargic, and slow. I feel like shit internally. I am dissapoint. Very disappoint!!!!!!1!!!1111! I'm eating white rice, chicken and broccolli tonight. Anything in the world besides fried food, or ham, or potatoes for the love of Jebus!

Psyche. F*cking Sumarians man. They've got their weirdo customs and language that should NOT be in some lady's bedroom at 3 in the morning. And owls, f*cking owls, creepy voyeuristic owls. Its like: What. The. ****. (Watch The Fourth Kind, it'll make sense)

Edit: So I was doing a bit of math and didn't think it was worth writing an entire post to put it in, and didn't feel like waiting a week to post, so:

Under the 10,000 hour theory, training 7 days a week, 4 hours a day, it will take 6.8 (about 7) years to achieve athletic excellence. Training 7 days a week, 2 hours a day, it willtake 13 years to achieve athletic excellence.

Algorithm: 10,000/(y(x)) = z
x = # of hours per day training
y = # of days per year training
z = # of years to athletic excellence

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