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So no classes for awhile yet, but at least the weight room was open again today.

I was shown a "GSP Workout" on that looked pretty good. I'm sure it's not exactly what GSP does, but the workout looked really effective and similar to what I used to do. Today's leg day has a typical Barbell Complex of basic exercises that builds endurances and then at the end it has explosive exercises when you're already exhausted. Smart stuff.

link here

Tabata on Treadmill: 20 sec on, 10 sec off. Repeat 8 times.
Deadlifts 1x12@bar

Barbell Complex: 3 Sets, Each exercise consecutively for a set, 90 seconds rest between sets. Weight: only the bar (45lbs)
Deadlifts 5,5,5
Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 5,5,5
Cleans 5,5,5
Front Squats 5,5,5
Push Press( to put weight behind head) 1,1,1
Squats: 5,5,5
Good Mornings 5,5,5
Single Leg Bodyweight Squats 1 set to failure on each leg
Jumping Lunges: 1 set to failure (hold dumbbells/wear weight vest)
Jump Squats: 1 set to failure (hold dumbbells/wear weight vest)
Calves: Bodyweight Standing Calves: 1 set to failure (hold dumbbells/wear weight vest)

Good, I couldn't for the life of me do those jumping lunges and squats at the end, your legs just wobble and fail. I think I could have done better if I didn't do burpees yesterday, I was feeling a bit stiff going into this one. Fun stuff. I'll do the next day tomorrow if I can, if not the day after.

Hit the bag for 5 rounds afterwards, even doing just punches I felt my power and endurance drop steeply with my legs as they were. Got through it though.

Sparring is on at 11am tomorrow, then if I can do some pads I'll do that later in the day, if not I'll try the next workout on the GSP program.

Less than 3 weeks to the fight!

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