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Sparred 5 rounds standup in gear, then 5 rounds MMA starting against the cage defending or attacking and continuing full mma from there. Afterwards I rolled a couple rounds and did a few takedowns back and forth with Kajan.

Alot of the same strengths and weaknesses playing for and against me in sparring. Overall I did decently but nothing impressive.

Top 3 things that need to be focused on in my mind are

1. More sparring with use of movement and range
2. Striking endurance, namely the jab and and left kick
3. Takedowns and TD Defense, including against the cage

Obviously everything needs work, but in my mind those three things will complete me for this fight.

Like I said last post this afternoon will be pads if I can get it and if not the next GSP conditioning day.

Reminder to self that sparring is suppose to happen again thursday at 11am.
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