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GSP Workout Day 2 Pull


Tabata on the Rowing Machine: 20 sec on, 10 sec off. Repeat 8 times.
High Pull: 1 warm up set of 10-12 reps

Upper Body Pull Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds

High Pull: 5,5,5@135lbs
Pull-ups (Underhand Grip): 5,4,3@b/w+5lbs
Medicine Ball Slams: 15,15,15@heaviest ball I could find
Inverted Rows (Overhand Grip) 8,3,3
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 6,4,4@70lbs
Rest 90 seconds. Then move on to the next cycle.

Abs Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds

Barbell Twists: 100,100,100
"Stir the Pot"*: 8,8,8
Leg Raises: 15,15,15

Man these circuits make me feel weak.

Didn't like high pull, I kept getting this clicking in my wrist at the top of it that hurt a bit, not a good sign. Will have to find an alternative, maybe cleans and shrugs.

The barbell twist is kind of weird, didn't really feel a challenge on my obliques so I just stopped at 100. The only real challenge was keeping the barbell on my shoulders and having my hands fall asleep.

Practiced some kicks on the bag trying to feel out technique. Something doesn't feel right.

Sparring in the morning.
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