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In case you haven't bought anything yet I'd like to chime in. I completely disagree with the people telling you to buy these e-ips panels. Having a 178/178 viewing angle isn't important at all for gaming unless you are going with a multi-display, a solid tn has 170/160 which is more than adequate unless you are going to have your monitor wall mounted above you for some reason.

The color gamut increase isn't necessarily important for just gaming either unless you have a color quality fetish. IPS sacrifices performance for quality. If you want to use your monitor like a tv to watch a lot of blurays with other people or do graphics design work it is worth it. Also single player games probably actually benefit more from IPS than TN since FPS and response time aren't as big of a deal as they are with multiplayer games.

The most important things you want out of a monitor to play first person shooters, mmorpgs,etc are refresh rate, brightness, response time, and a native resolution relative to screen size. A good TN monitor is superior to e-ips in the same price range for online gaming.

I just purchased this

The version with the 3d kit is 150 dollars more and found here

The lack of a good led backlight hurts its overall color quality but 74% NTSC is above average for a good TN and 120hz is ******* crazy. Don't buy an LCD from newegg also use amazon they have a better return policy.

For future reference on all things computer hardware and have probably the most consistent and best reviews.
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