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Originally Posted by loret.o View Post
Hi, my name is Loreto, i'm from Chile (i speak spanish so i apologize for my ortography faults :P)

well, i'm 20 and i want to begin to learn Muay Thai (there is a gym a few blocks from my house)
but i'm a bit concerned because:

1- i'm not in the best shape
2- i know that is a though sport but i don't wanna be massacrated lol

so i wanted to ask for your opinions ... i'm really insterest in muay thai, basically because i want to improve my fitness level,learn how to defend myself and it looks really fun too, but i don't know... do guys have any problem with train with girls? its better to begin with some other sport for a few weeks and then go with muay thai?

Thxs for your help =)
Holá Loreto!

Que bueno que has encontrado este foro. Bienvenido

First of all, I don't have any problem to train with girls. I have much respect for girls who go into martial arts and train seriously. It takes much more courage to start fight training for a probably considerable weaker person than for a big strong guy whose physical attributes already favor him in a fight over most people. I also like to do sparring with girls, because they don't tend to try to compensate technique with power as strong guys often do, so I can concentrate on technique, whereas with the strong guys I can focus on other aspects.

Then, with Muay Thai will improve your fitness level very much. It's inevitable if you don't quit. Training is quite hard and for someone who is not in shape at first it may feel like hell, but if you endure it you will get used to it after some months and then it becomes really fun. So don't be frustrated if it's to hard in the beginning.

As for the self defense issue, that's a bigger topic where fighting plays only one of the smallest parts even though most people tend to reduce it to fighting. I can tell you more about it if you want, but as this thread is about Muay Thai I will focus on the physical part of self defense. As a girl you are in a different type of danger than other parts of the population. Whereas young guys rather become involved in brawl type situations and older people become rather victimes of robbery, girls are more likely to become victimes of sexual assaults. These different types of attacks are best suited with different styles of counter. Taking into account that as a girl you are usually weaker and won't be able to easily knock people out, for the self defense purpose I would rather recommend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It also suits better the type of threat girls face, as a sexual assault is rather a grappling fight than a stand and trade brawl. But in first place the most important thing is to fight back, which depends more on mentallity than physicallity. I don't know about Chile, but where I live police statistics show that 80% of **** attempts are stopped if the victim fights back.

Overall I would suggest to try out that Muay Thai gym and see if it pleases you. Only you can see if it could be fun to you or if you'd like to find something else.

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
im just kidding, but MT is a great way to get in shape and learn to kick some ass. I'd say go for it, and if guys dont like training with a girl then **** em
I hope that "****" means "kick" or something like that and you're not suggesting that the jerks get the prize
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