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Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick: Swivel vs Step

Im Starting MT in Jan and have been home training for 6-7 months and have spent alot of ime on strength, cardio and conditioning.
My friend who trains MMA (Kickboxing, Mt and Judo) has been teaching me some Mt techniques as i am totally in love with it, and i have not any problems at all apart from the roundhouse kick.
When watching videos on the web, some say to step at a 45 degree angle and then kick whereas some say to just swivel on the ball of your foot which it seems Ramon Dekkers does.

so my question is should i swivel or step because i am aiming all my kicks to the knee/thigh and have decided that my tatic would be that if im to far top just swivel on he bal of my foot then to step and kick.
is this a good idea?

thank you for taking the time to read this.
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