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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
It is what he needed. But some fighters get screwed up after that kind of loss, some fighters bounce back great. I just laugh at everyone basically saying it is a lock he becomes great and runs the LHW division in teh future. Go ahead an predict it, but why act like it is some lock.

Dude has an impressive record. But beating bums, average fighters, and B level fighters doesn't prove to me you are elite.

And it tells me a lot when he give a piss poor effort in a title fight. No cardio, not even trying to stop a TD. And his amazing grappling couldn't come close to subbing a tired Mo. Who is too say he doesn't fold again next time he is put through a tough challenge? Feijao didn't fold in his title fight against Mo. Some fighters just have that mentality. Look at Belfort. Great talent, the "Phenom"...well he went on to be mentally weak and lost his share of "tough" fights down the road.

All I am saying is lets not crown Mousasi, when he isn't even top 10. For me the jury is still out. I like results in big fights....not can collection and speculation.
Well, before the results pop up there are specualations right?

The same thing goes for Jon Jones right now. People believe he will be Champion very soon without being a well rounded fighter yet. (No submission game and bad striking) in a devision with elite strikers and submission artists at the top.

And Gegard has already a lot more high level wins then Jon Jones.

They see the potential in him too become one of the greatest ever. And there is no denying i that.. but it's too soon.

Same applies to Gegard!

You just can not deny that these guys are incredible talented and if they really keep working hard, they are the future!

It was only my specualtion though
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