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i havent seen ultimate knockouts 4 but theres a good chance i have the fight in my library if its on dvd. Some knockouts seem so impossible that you can believe they are fixed until you see other angles and the look on the guys face tells it all. I have seen knees to the solar plexes or right on the chin that made me think "Hmm that was kind of week."(like the one shamrock layed on kimo to lay him out.) but when you see from other angles you see the look on his face and say damn.
as far as the back and forth that is still going on. I was tempted to make a celine dion joke but i wont waist the time.

It will take me a lot of convinving to believe the fights are predetermined or fixed. I do believe that like in boxing some guys get a few cake walks to build their rep, but they still have to perform with the big boys. I thought that would be the case with Griffin because of his mic skills but he has proven to me that he is for real and deserves the respect he gets.(now if only he didn't look so much like opie) :P (and rich franklin looks like jim carey, but he kicks ass too)
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