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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Right, and I'm sure King Mo's outstanding wrestling was displayed when he could barely stand and fell over on Mousasi for the last 2 rounds.

Jones is also twice the grappler of Mo. Not even close. Mo has no grappling ability outside of takedowns, and Feijao stuffed him quite a few times.
Hopefully time will tell on this one, but I bet it would be a lot harder for some like say Roger Gracie to Sub Mo, than it would be for him to Sub Jones in a grappling match.

Jones looks more impressive because he is more aggressive, but I doubt he is as safe from counter sweep and submissions.

Kind of like Sonnen vs GSP, Sonnen is more aggressive but more likely to be submitted, GSP is a lot more safe, well maybe that is not giving JOnes full credit to be fair, he does look to been passing guards and looking for improved positions more than Sonnen with success, but them I am not sire if I have ever seen anyone with a dangerous world class guard try to defend and counter Jones, its something I would like to see.

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