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Originally Posted by Thelegend View Post
that aoki knee made the year for me. maybe he should have thrown another dropkick lol
I laughed uncontrollably for a minute straight when he got KOed. It made me happier than when Mach destroyed him because of all the cheating bullshit he did in that first round. Jienotsu's reaction was priceless.

Good on Gegard he actually took the fight seriously and showed up prepared unlike most of his recent fights. Kyotaro clearly was impacted by the Semmy fight his movement was crap in this but that doesn't mean Gegard can't get completely outclassed like he was in this fight and still get a knockdown and win on points. That is what makes K1 so exciting the ability to shift momentum at any time.

Wicky though I really didn't give him the respect he deserves but that is because I didn't realize that he was so much bigger than the 63kg guys and still as fast as any of them. He is a top class athlete and if he wanted to he could train for K1 full time and be a top guy at 63kg. That is if he ever keeps his hands up in the pocket. Sucks really bad there wasn't an extension round for that fight.

I was happy and impressed with both josh and kawajiri. Josh is back he has the crispness and speed in his strikes again but Kawajiri is an animal on the ground and it was just too much. I'm looking forward to both of these guys fighting more top guys going forward.

Ishii is getting better but good god are his heel hooks terrible and he will never be a legitimate hw contender second and third tier guys would kill him.

I usually don't say guys should retire but man Saku needs to ******* retire. I thought Mach won his fight but it was really close so the decision doesn't really bother me.

My man Takaya is proving my faith in him to be well placed. Cry more Bibiano you little bitch acting like you won that fight. I look forward to dream not paying you for 8 months again.


God damn that show was ******* long.
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