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Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
Excuse me? Who the **** are you to tell me what I can and can't post in here? Last time I checked as long as it isn't porn its not against forum rules, well I guess breaking the rules right now in terms of swearing is justified in my opinion because you think you can come in here and tell ME I can't post my feelings in the WAYDRN thread. How about this, if you don't like it then don't ******* bother replying to it. I don't come on the forums to make people feel ******* bad for me. I have been here for 2 years and I come here to vent and let out feelings because guess what bud, its the ******* internet and I feel like a lot of the members here are like family to me.

You would feel the same if you didn't constantly go around ******* picking fights with everyone. 2 years with 0 bans, and EVEN 0 infractions and hey guess what I would love to be a mod here, I am proud that I have 0 infractions and I can confidently say your the ONLY person here that has a ******* problem with me. I will probally get an infraction for this but GUESS WHAT you aren`t the ******* king around here even though you THINK you are.

And PM someone about it? I did, I think oldfan can vouch me for that, I don't need your tips so keep your ******* comments and damn negativity to your self because no one gives even 1% of a **** !
dude seriously chill out, you always take things the wrong way and go on some kind of crazy swearing spree, and i wasn't doing this to piss you off i was doing this to help you. jesus it's like a soap opera with you all the time and it's pissing me off because i will probably get in trouble again for doing nothing.

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