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Lukey boii
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hey dude ive done weight training for around 2 years now, at first i did weight lifting purely for bodybuilding and body sculpting but i can say even though i may have looked big, pound for pound i wasnt that strong. After getting into MMA i realised i need to flip my workouts over and do the opposite to what i was already doing. i started mixing up my workouts trying out different things and what worked best for me in terms of strength was defiantly doing circuit training just with a barbell and weights, kettle bell training and high intensity interval training. Look up different exercises with these catergories and see wat best suits you. I start of with stretches and a 10 minute low intensity jog, than i move on to jumping rope for 10 minutes, than i do HIIT sprints, next is a circuit that i do 3 sets of with 60 seconds rest between (the circuit should consist of a number of exercises to workout the full body), than i do a low intesity jog for 5 minutes as a cool down followed by yoga stretches for 5 or so minutes and thats it. obviously u should change this workout to best suit you but it gives you a rough guide atleast, let me no how you go with it, peace
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