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Any way to get a well rounded training just doing technique?

Okay, sorry to ask a question first post.

I have been doing training for 3 months with a trainer, however, I can no longer afford it, being a full time student. Now, to be honest, I also hate doing anything outside actually fighting or practicing fighting techniques. I was wondering, If I slowly go through my punching motions with heavy weights, will it increase my strength? See, stamina is easy to train just doing shadow boxing interval training, muscular endurance I can build just pushing myself to strike for 3 minute rounds again and again, but power (and explosive speed) are the only things I feel I'm lacking. And it may just be a mental thing, but doing controlled fight motion weight training just seems kinda off to me.

Also, not sure if it makes a difference but I always try to get in 2x10 push-ups a day (I know that's not a lot, but I'm 280lbs, but arms can't take much more than that.) And 4x25 sit-ups. Which are pretty much the only shadow or bag work I've done recently (I run too, but haven't been able to because of the snow and ice here, too risky.)

Lastly, Anyone know of a good way to self train for BJJ? I was looking at gyms, but I can't afford the crazy prices (the cheapest one within 20 miles of me is $180 a month). But I have no grappling experience, my training was all boxing and knees (was going to start working on kicks soon, but never happened) I only have two grappling moves, and they're for the clinch not the ground. (I know nothing replaces a good teacher, but I'm trying to make due with what I've got...
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