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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
Traditional Chinese Martial Arts are only good for the Movies my friend, what really works in the cage is a combined knowledge of Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ or maybe you never watched MMA.
I resent that! Sanda is pretty legit!

Originally Posted by IronMan View Post

Traditional forms, regardless of where they come from, regardless of how ancient or how tricky, can never keep up in terms of combat practicality than styles that are used for competition, and that's a lot of the issue with Wing Chun.

Originally Posted by North View Post
Sean Obasi, I think is the dude's name. He's a pretty legit Wing Chun student, and has won a few MMA fights if I'm not mistaken. Mind you, what he did in those MMA fights to win looked very, very little like Wing Chun. He also made an absolute fool of himself at some tryouts for a major organization, but I can't recall for the life of me the name of the organization. The biggest Russian one, or something? I don't know. His meltdown at the tryouts are on youtube, for the world to see.

I also seen some other video of a Wing Chun fighter sparring with a kickboxer and dominating pretty well. As for them being at an equal level, I don't know. I would guess not, but that would be a guess.

I wouldn't rely on any one martial art for MMA though, or in general. Current state of traditional martial arts means that to be a well rounded martial artist, one needs to cross train.

Sean "I'll die a m********ing Wing Chun man!" Obasi flipped OUT during the M1 global tryouts 'cause he couldn't throw a good roundkick and the judges got on him about that.

As for the video of the WC guy vs the kickboxer

They certainly weren't of equal skill. The WC guy actually looked pretty good. The kickboxer, on the other hand, was pretty bad. Furthermore, the kickboxer was going at sparring speed while the WC guy looked like he was going full-bore -- with small gloves, no shinpads, and shoes no less.

I've had a lot of similar experiences sparring kung fu guys. I'll be going at sparring speed, they'll be going full-blast and they'll land a lot of shots that they shouldn't. Then I realize that they're going full-out, so I match the intensity and they whither and drop. While there are different ways of throwing a punch and a kick, the most efficient methods all look pretty similar (ie: like boxing or kickboxing). Other methods can overwhelm an untrained fighter or be hard for a properly trained striker to defend (because they're so unorthodox), but these blows are weak and easy to blow right through with committed conventional striking techniques.

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