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Originally Posted by Halfraq9 View Post
I know you're focused on Muay Thai, but its impossible to train this stuff solo, especially with only a couple months of training. The reason is that there is so much technique you won't get, even with videos. I know this isn't what you want to hear but its a functional reality.

Have you considered another type of fighters gym such as mma, boxing, jits whaterver? As long as it is not a mcdojo it should be ok.

Good luck with your endeavors. Let us know what happens.
this is a good post, you cannot do jack as far as Clinching goes without a partner (and that partner must be semiskilled you can't teach them yourself unless you are already a great Clincher) and if you arn't Clinching you arn't doing MThai so you should look into Boxing
It's not as thorough as MThai but it's still effective striking and it should be easier to find for you then MThai in America.
there arn't a whole lot of places that are all that far from a boxing club of some kind.
as far as working out on your own I mean you can get a heavybag from Dicks Sporting Goods etc for like 70 bucks, a pawn shop should have a used one for 50 or less
you should be able to save up that much money in relativly short time
a bag stand is usually lil pricy but do you have a really sturdy tree outside in your yard?
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