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I have a heavy bag so that's no problem, the only thing I don't do out of that group is jumps but that's because I worry about injury at my weight. I guess I'll do little slow weighted shadow boxing just to build up my delts a bit more.

As for the reps thing, I know it, but I need to build muscle before I work on more endurance. I can go 5 rounds easy boxing (and will probably be able to do a lot more as I continue to lose weight), but I'm just not strong enough yet. I've actually been considering doing the opposite. Doing 4-6 rep sets on a decline . I want to get into pylometrics eventually as well but that won't be for a while, don't want to hurt myself. Was just hoping there'd be a more entertaining way, I hate just exercising for the sake of exercising...

And true, nothing replaces a good teacher, but I'm desperate so I'd figured I'd ask. But yeah, the prices around here are ridiculous, but I guess that's because there are so few of them where I am. I tried the only two I could drive to on a daily basis and that was the cheaper of the two.

Damn, guess I'll just at least keep working on my general condition since I can't learn BJJ yet. If nothing else I may be able to find a regular wrestling class for almost nothing.

Thanks for the reply.

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