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Fight ends in a draw, stakes on both fighters returned:

Round 1 - Referee Yves Lavigne in the cage for the main event. Edgar bouncing early as he pops a few pawing jabs. Edgar scores with an inside leg kick.Maynard in the center, defending early. Outside leg kick from Edgar. Maynard delivers two punches. Speed difference very evident early. Maynard stuns Edgar with a left hook, and he's in trouble. Maynard chases him across the cage. Maynard pounces and fires punches. Esgar trying to get back to his feet, but Maynard has yet to stop punching. Edgar somehow survive the onslaught, and works to his feet. His nose is bloodied, but he looks reasonably clear. he's not. Maynard punches him again, and Edgar staggers away. Edgar is in straight recovery mode. How much did the flurry take from Maynard? Edgar pulls away and resets. We'll see. Two minutes left. RIght hook stagger sEdgar again, and he falls to the floor. He gets up, but he's completely out on his feet. Maynard drops him again. Edgar works up, and he lands a straight, Maynard just playing target practice, though. Maynard misses a homerun punch, but he's walking forward with his hands down. Edgar does lands to punches. Maynard patiently stalking. Thai clinch, and he just misses a knee. Edgar all heart, and he survives. Maynard takes the round on the card 10-8.

Round 2 - Edgar bouncing a bit, and he seems to have recovered in the break. Maynard's speed is back as he fires a few combos and avoids Maynard's counters. Maynard holds the center as Edgar circles around. Edgar delivers a combo to the gut Maynard misses that hook, and Edgar works in a flurry. Two minutes in, and Edgar is back to his game. Maynard lands a lead uppercut. Edgar lands a huge right hand to the chin, but Maynard stays upright. Maynard stalking, but Edgar staying elusive this time around. Maynard lands a lead left. Edgar working his hands, and the crowd is getting behind him. Edgar lands another right, Maynard charges in, and Edgar ducks under and powerbombs him. Maynard scrambles right back up, but that slam won points. RIght hand from Edgar. How is this the same fight as the first round? Edgar works another combo that ends with right to the chin. Maynard shoots, but Edgar sprawls. Edgar lands two more right hands. Maynard has lost the timing, and his left cheek is bloodied. Edgar takes the second, 10-9, on the card.

Round 3 - Maynard takes the center again. He circles now. Edgar firing off the combos, but he's short. Maynard hesitating a bit in the center. Edgar mixes in a pair of kicks. Maynard trying to cut off the cage, but he can't keep Edgar still. Maynard lands a right. Edgar continues to circles and move. Maynard measuring his shots, but he's not pulling the trigger. Edgar lands as right hands. Maynard shoots a single, but Edgar pulls away. Jab for Maynard. Edgar kicks the body and Maynard nearly catches it. Edgar circles away and slips, but Maynard can't get to him. Two minutes remain. Edgar and Maynard trade rights. Edgar slips an overhand.Maynard lands a nice left, but Edgar's chin is back. Nose bleeding again on Edgar. Maynard kicks low, but Edgar counters up top. Maynard shoots in again. Edgar defends, but a second effort nets the takedown. Edgar works back to his feet, but Maynard pulls him down again. Edgar looks for a kimura, but Maynard steps over to defend. Edgar grabs a guillotine and squeezes, but time runs out. Both fighters had moments, but sees a close one for Maynard, 10-9. Could be a key round in scoring.

Round 4 - Maynard moves in, but he's in trouble early with a guillotine choke. He defends, but he's dumped to the floor again. Nothing there, and they're back up. Maynard looks tired in the championship round, and Edgar lands a right hand. Maynard still giving chase. Edgar slips off on a takedown. Edgar bleeding from the nose, but he lands a right hand. Halfway in. Pace slowing from both, but Edgar appears freshest. Trading in the pocket. Edgar shoots in and drives Maynard to the cage. Maynard stays on a knee, but Edgar laces him with a few left hands. THey break from the clinch. Edgar staying elusive as Maynard looks for a big homerun shot. Edgar fakes a shot and misses an uppercut. Less than a minute. Edgar flurries to the head. Maynard attacking in one-dimension right now. Maynard leaps in, but Edgar's speed is the difference right now. Edgar kicks the legs in the closing seconds, and he takes the round on the card, 10-9.

Round 5 - Edgar still lively, and he punches and delivers a low kick. Maynard looks a little better than he did in round four. Still, he's missing the big shots while Edgar peppers him and moves. Edgar still firing combinations and finishes with punches to the head. Again to the body and head for Edgar. Maynard finally lands and Edgar staggers, but he's OK. Edgar lands crisp on the return. He misses a knee as Maynard pulls away. Clinch, and Maynard controls the head briefly, but Edgar pulls away. Left hand for Maynard, but Edgar comes back with a combination. Maynard clinches, but Edgar shucks him off. Flurry by both, but left scores for Edgar. Two minutes. Maynard telegraphs a shot, and Edgar defends easily. Stiff jab from Maynard. Edgar shoots from distance. Nothing there. Three punches from Edgar. Maynard shoots again with no success. Final minute, and crowd is electric. Edgar sticking and moving. Maynard stalking. He shoots again to no avail. Maynard looking hard for the takedown, but it won't come. Big punches form both in the final seconds. Spirited finish in a great fight. gives it to Edgar, 10-9, and scores the fight a 47-47 draw. Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fight to a draw (48-46, 46-48, 47-47).

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