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Bad boys bad boys!
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People who say that Pride is better than the UFC=****s
People who say that UFC is better than Pride=****s

I watch and enjoy both. Both have bad events, both have good events. Both are good organisations for MMA. Both promote the sport well. Both have good fighters. What good comes from someone saying 'oh, pride iz sooooo much betta thn ufc. it has fedor and gomi n they ttly OWN ufc fighterz' And viceversa. No good whatsoever. Someone who watches price is not gonna stop watching it because some douche on the internet says ufc is better, or the other way around. This is the one thing that has really annoyed me on this forum since I joined. There is absolutely no point in going on about how one organisation has better fighters or rules. There is no point whatsoever. They are both good to whatch and both have a lot of fans. Saying to someone 'you should watch pride aswell if you like ufc' or 'you should watch ufc aswell, if you like pride' is fine but constantly attesting to one being better than the other has no gains for anyone and is only hurting MMA.

Rant over. As a personal protest, I'm not going to vote for either. lol
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