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Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
well there are a variety of problems
but for one big key in Wing Chun is you basicaly have to target areas that are 90% illegal in sport comat
so that's a huge detraction
I mean as far as asking how it does in MMA you may as well ask how Kendo is doing in the cage...
I'm really not trying to take a confrontational tone here, but that's the copout that every crappy school makes. The "we're too deadly to spar/compete" is only spouted by those who are too afraid to do so. I know plenty of JKD schools who compete, even if their main interest is self-defense, and I Krav Maga schools that at least spar hard.

A style that hinges around techniques that can't be honed in hard sparring or competition (which is still a training method, not an end into itself) is not a legitimate style. I, however, do not short change WC and claim that it is such a style.

To be honest, the WC guy who was sparring with the kickboxer in the vid above -- he could probably beat a lot of amateur MMA fighters I've seen (if he had takedown defense). He's got speed and skills and he got them using an IRREPLACABLE training method -- sparring.

Long story short, if you don't spar, you can't fight. If you do spar, you can compete.

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