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Originally Posted by DIESEL
This is coming from Bas himself at
Pretty honest, as well as informative game plan.


The fight itself through my brain:

The game plan was to see if I could KO him, if that wouldnít work, because we know he had a strong chin, I would see if I could "chop down his legs" and if that didnít work I would go for a takedown and a submission, but later in the fight when he would get tired.

I trained for 7 rounds of 6 minutes, so I was not going to get tired; the things I did in training were insane, so I knew that I was always going to have more stamina. More than Kimo, Tank, Wes and Warpath, that was the order from the fighters that I was going to face.

Straight punches was also the game plan, since he has a longer reach than I have. For the people who thought I had my hands too low, that was also part of my game plan, you hear my corner saying the same thing to me during the fight, and I motion them that itís OK. I did this because my right rib had popped out a week before in training and I wasnít allowed to numb it up with an injection in the dressing room.

This way, with my hands low, he would only hit for my head and not my body, also, I saw that his punches were "looping" so if I would go backwards his hands would be down after a punch and I could capitalize on that.

When I realized that he had a good chin, and trust me, you will see that I didnít hit one punch on just his head, I really aim for his jaw, and since they all where right on his jaw, I knew he had a great chin, time for plan 2, I started to low kick him.

Also, I always listen to what HIS corner is saying, I heard them saying that I was ďone dimensionalĒ with my punches (which was true because I wanted to give only straights), that was the moment that I gave him a left hook/right straight, see? You can use that against him. I had the same in my Kohsaka fight, Maurice Smith told TK that I was going to high kick him (which was true) thatís why I changed it into a right straight, worked like a charm.

The first low kick had good impact, the second also, and the third, while I was backing up, was very good, I hit him with the shin part right underneath my knee (which is the best) after that I saw him limping, so thatís where the last one came, I should have stepped that one in deeper because he moved backwards and I hit him with the part just underneath my toes, not good but it closed the deal.

It was a great night for me; I felt really good and relaxed. I am happy that Warpath stepped up the last minute so I had a fight, too bad it wasnít Kimo, I was going to show off my takedown defense, I couldnít do that right now.

Oh, and when I said that I wanted to fight Fedor at the press conference, I said first that I didnít want to fight him because heís so good, THAN I said, you know what? I would like to fight him, but just to see if I can survive him the whole fight. (I know how good he is and I am a natural light heavyweight).

When they asked my where I saw myself ranked, I told them that I hoped (HOPED) I was on the top 10 list, because knowing that there are people on the planet that would be pretty unbelievable.

What I am trying to say is that I know that I need some more training to fight the top guys, but I am good on my way, there was no "ring rust" at all and the stamina was there.

Thanks for all the support, I will get some things done to my body and hopefully you see me again!

Best wishes,
WOW that was some Humble stuff espicaly when he mentions Fedor.. this is a man who deserves respect cause he shows it.. my opinion of Bas just went up and it was pretty high to begin with.

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