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My strength training blog: Only remotely important, no real new or exciting updates to speak of, just a few notes.

Worked the focus mitts the other day with a buddy. Trying to ease back into training, and it felt really good, you know? Been a while since I hit the pads or really did some (even remotely) serious martial arts training. Worked on a double jab while moving, which wasn't bad. Wasn't badass or anything, but I wasn't missing the mitts or dying from bad cardio. I then started working a simple jab-cross combination for a bit, as I recall. Not bad, but simple and whatever, started getting a lil winded as we moved around. So the third and final combination I worked on was a jab followed by a rear body hook. We stayed stationary while I worked this combo, and I was still sweating my ass off and losing breath. Just getting both punches in with the elevation change, and that I was kind of repeating the combo rapid fire - yeah I was kind of just being weaksauce and getting tired. Hook felt decent though.

Did a long stretching session yesterday. Spent about 40 minutes just trying to work all the kinks out, especially because my back was feeling a little weird, which is a scary sign. Really tried to hit everything, all the major areas that needed stretch. Then I even went and tried to get the weird spots, hip flexor, front delt/pec area, ankles, wrists, bicep/tricep, rotator cuff. Felt good.

Put in some time today. Took about 15 minutes to stretch and warmup. I was feeling pretty stiff at first, but it worked out. Towards the end of the warmup I jostled something in my back and it hurt like hell, I don't know what's up with that. But I kept warming up and stretching my shit out and it went right away. I then set into a 30 minute session of shadowboxing with a mirror. Started with some simple lead and rear leg roundhouses. Worked on axe kicks; keeping the setup tight and the attack in a nice line. Was getting decent height on those. So then I got into hand combinations, working a double jab, a jab-lead hook, jab-cross, jab-rear hook, jab-lead forearm strike. Threw a few spinning side kicks and a couple spinning hook kicks, which were all pretty bad but were good for getting the blood and sweat flowing. I then worked on a jab-low kick-rear elbow combination that was interesting enough. To finish up I worked on elevation changes for body shots, specifically working on a lunging right cross and a right shovelhook to the ribs. Cooled off with about 15 minutes of stretching. Good stuff though.

Takes thirty days to make something a habit, so I've read. So that means 28 more days and I'll be back into habitual martial arts training. I didn't realize how much I missed training until a day or two ago; my strength training is habitual, but I'm taking a few days break from it, and I'm absolutely climbing the walls from not being able to hit the free weights. I miss that feeling in relation to martial arts, and look forward to getting it back.

I've been eating decently. My weight's sticking at about 220lbs. While I've definitely still got fat on my frame, belly and all that, I feel more solid than ever. More built, more strong, more healthy, everything. A friend even said that I'm starting to get a "V" (I thought he was insulting me at first). That being said, my weight almost definitely isn't going to be changing in January, except for a possible spike. January's a bulking month, a bulking month in which I'm actually expecting some respectable strength gains I might add. Depending upon how my new strength training routine goes in January, I may repeat it (modified, mind you) in February, or transition to a combative sports oriented strength and conditioning routine, as planned. I've been checking out some routines from a trainer named Zach EvenEsh, which are directed towards strength and conditioning for wrestling. So I might be ganking some stuff from some of his workouts and adding some more Strongman implements. We'll see. ((Sorry! Sorry! I know I got into talking about my strength training in my MA training log! Sorry!))

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