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How to put in a Sig

To put in a sig, you will first need to be a premium member. That is the only way that this will work. Non paid members can have writing in their signatures, but they cannot have sigs.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to upload your picture to a picture hosting website such as, photobucket,, etc...

Once at the website, browse for the media on your computer and select it. (If it is a picture from the internet, there should be an option to put in the URL of the picture.) Make sure you select the Message Board/Forum option before clicking the upload option.

Once the picture is uploaded, it is going to give you a small list of codes for the picture. You will want to copy the "IMG" code. Now we have the picture code.

Next you will need to access your signature. To accomplish this, click "User CP" on the right side of the forum page. Then on the left of the control panel, click "Edit Signature". Once you are here, there will be a text box. Paste the IMG code into this box and then you can click save signature.

The signature default is to have the image all the way to the left as if you were writing text.

If you would like to have the image centered, go back to the edit signature page and put the IMG code between this, [center][/center*] Without the asterik.

To set the picture to the left side of your signature, put the IMG code between this, [left][/left*] without the asterik.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me, or post here in this thread.
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