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Its been eight days, and I have had an epic loser moment.

There are a few things going on that're worth mentioning. There's been a bit of an internal struggle at home regarding the huge volume made by my thai bag, which hangs from the ceiling of the basement, directly beneath the living room. I was nearly to the point where I wanted to scream from listening to all the bitchass complaining about noice. So I managed some negotiating and got another section of the basement requisitioned for training purposes. Effectively almost doubling the amount of open floor in my basement. Love it! I plan to move my bag to the new area and leave the move open area for free moving space and sparring space.

I also worked a very cool circuit the other day. I actually found it on Youtube. Its some old video of Randy Couture doing a circuit from the early 2000's. I figured it would be a helluva workout, and it was. However it wasn't all I did. It went like this:

Punch Press 2/8
Medicine Ball Bounces 2/8
Couture Circuit* 2/8
Grappling Bag Throws 2/8 (4 per side/shoulder) (Hip Throw/Suplex)
Inverted Rows 2/8

* No stopping between sets all done at 95lbs:
Bent over rows
Upright Rows
Military Press
Good Mornings
Stationary Lunges
Stiff legged deadlifts

I think I got them all, but the circuit was several days ago and I can't remember things in detail very well when it comes to lifting. It was a sweaty, sweaty affair, especially on an empty stomach, while sick and dehydrated! But it was fun.

I'm sorry to say this was the extent of my training this week (This is what I meant by epic loser status). I haven't thrown one punch or performed one rep in about 4-5 days. And I don't know why. I feels like I've been on autopilot all week. I can't even remember any specific events from this week. I can blame it on work, or on fiddling with my new XBox, but in the end it comes down to one thing: It's my own God damn fault.

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