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Penn is one of the most overrated fighters in the UFC WW division at least.
If you have to begin every sentence with if,should, or would then it is probably an unecessary statement. Penn matches up well against wrestlers and people that rely on ground and pound. Once GSP could see again he dominated the fight (rounds 2 and 3). As for the Hughes fight, that is like the only credential that he is remembered for. If he was really as great as every one states he is then there would be many more fghts that would be talked about when boosting his rep. Hughes has gotten way better since that fight and BJ has been way to convinced that he is the best fighter in the world and thinks that he doesn't need to train as hard. He needs to wake up and realize that there are hungry competitors out there looking to kick his ass. Until he does that he will be unable to win at any weight class. As for him and ACE. Please, the only way he would win that one is if they gave him a firearm. Then it is still questionable. Look at what he did to Louiseau for nearly half an hour. It would take like 3 seconds for his wig to split by Franklin. YES I AM A HUGE FAN OF FRANKLIN'S. But that aside, Penn has potential he just needs to realize that he is not the best fighter in the world. And two of those weight classes he thinks he can get the belt in (170 and 185) have a couple of them holiding those belts.
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