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I'm just watching the whole season again, maybe get the chance to pick up little things and elements now that we know the outcome.

my 2cents on this

1. The picks
GSP clearly tricked Kos as Kos's 1st pick was supposed to be Michael Johnson, but Kos REALLY wanted to pick Marc Stevens. Seeing him on top of GSP's list, he went for the "safe route", and prefered to play it on the personal level rather than professional level and picked what his heart wanted, not his head.
By doing so, GSP actually gave up one pick he actually didn't even count on in order to get the real first pick as well as the first fight pick.

2. Caceres did a very positive impression on his first fight, smiling with a small attitude, this turned out to be cockyness (but that might also be added drama for the series). He didn't turn as smart as expected but still ended up making great progresses, too bad he got injured as I was really looking forward to see Nam Phan vs Alex Caceres

3. GSP actually too the smartest guys, the ones he knew they would listen to his instructions and have the best progression potential, Kos took "bad boys" but not really rocket scientists, from the start, I thought Nam Phan was his best pick (turned out to be true), not the best "on paper", but the smartest, the one who could get the most out of the practice sessions.

The Ep.1 Kos/GSP interviews are nice to watch
GSP: I'm here for the guys, this is not about me, I want them to get better and get a shot at making a career
Kos: it's all about me, me beating GSP, I want to beat GSP, I'm the best blah blah, merely a word for his team

For some reason, I think Kos is actually smarter than it looks, but definitely lacks general culture and life experience. Just like some guy who never had to work for a living and takes everything lightly because everything was always handed to him on a silver platter.

By far, my favorite TUF12 "fight" was McKenzie vs Marc "cocky monster" stevens. Specially after pre-fight Stevens interviews. He might be a good fighter, but I think there's a serious ego/attitude issue with this guy (but then again, added drama?) and you can only get better by being humble and respectful, being a dick can only get you that far, unless you're a genius, but most people aren't and a lot of very talented people are humble (who said GSP?) and respectful.

About the wildcard, Aaron wilkinson deserved it and he proved it, Marc Stevens didn't deserve it in ANY way, as it's supposed to be based on how you perform on the show, and getting sub'd to sleep under 20 seconds by a much less skilled fighter, specially after bragging how he would hand his ass to him and walk through McKenzie and the "learnign experience" BS, specially after hearing the post fight statements clearly showing he wasn't even smart enough to learn respect out of this undoubtfully humbling loss.

I didn't agree with GSP's choice in Dane either when I was watching TUF12 "live", but now that I'm rewatching it, I think Dane would have been the pick to do against wilkinson in that they both showed a lot of heart and they both were smart enough to improve significantly. Marc Stevens in the wildcard was a total waste, a talented fighter no doubt, but a horrible human being and not enough talent to allow him to get away with how much of an ass he is.
(again and again, added drama? we'll never know)

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the TUF12 outcome, except for Nam "The unlucky bastard" Phan and Alex "could've" Caceres

McKenzie got away with a lot thanks to his Guillotine choke but no doubt he'll have to work his ass off if he wants to survive in the UFC

Brookins deserved it and I wish him a long career in the UFC, seeing how smart and humble he is, I want to believe he has the potential to rise to the top, but then again, the LW division might be the toughest ATM and it's packed with talented, natural, tough, mean dudes all around, if the HW division had 1/4 of the LW talent in it, it would be of epic proportions IMO, but in that, I think Brookin has what it takes to spend some time in there and perform at least up to mid tier guys, then he'll have to grow more balls and work twice as hard.

Kos's armenian guys also showed a lot of heart and I think they lost due to Kos's poor coaching (he's assuming everyone is supposed to have as much natural talent as he does, because Kos is actually talented, I give him that, not GSP but that's another story), same goes for wilkinson who seemed smarter than it looked.

All in all, my pronostics for the future (can agree or disagree here)
- Brookins is going to learn a lot more, probably get up as a mid tier guy, then it'll come down to pure balls and how hard he'll train, but he'll need to work his ass off if he wants to rise to the top, if even possible seeing how talent packed it is now

- McKenzie, either he seriously work on some striking, as well as grappling to enhance his guillotine, either he'll get his ass whooped fast and clean at some point, not sure he's supposed to be in 155 too but what options does he have other than working hard and improve FAST if he wants to last

- Nam Phan has some talent, but so far, no luck, if he gets lucky again, I think he could do something, if not, I pretty much see him doing completely something else than fighting.

- Michael Johnson, solid fighter, but definitely lacks charisma, so he'll have to win

- Kyle Watson, I hope to see him again in the octagon, smart and talented guy

We'll probably hear some more from Dane at some point as he's young

then I have no idea.

anyway, you don't have to agree, and please correct me if you think I'm wrong. I got a lot to learn.

But all in all, Kos was tricked by doing the wrong 1st pick so virtually, GSP got the real 1st pick then it was downhill from there as Kos picked tough/bully type of guys while GSP got the smartest ones.
Then GSP also had the 1st pick

thanks for reading

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