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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I don't like watching him because of his complete disregard for life.

If you are starving and really hungry and really need to eat something, then killing an animal to eat it is the right thing to do, you have to survive. However, this guy kills animals throughout his show and eats them, when he's not even hungry. He has an entire crew with him, they have food, they have water, they have everything they need.

A good portion of the show is him killing and eating animal that he doesn't need to kill so he can eat them in a disgusting manner because doing disgusting things = higher ratings.

It is extremely sad and it's what sadistic, pathetic human beings do (he bit a snake in half and ate it alive for higher ratings, that's what 9 year old kids who have psychotic episodes do).
You can certainly look at it that way M.C.

But can you imagine how I stumbled across this guy yesterday?? I will tell you.. I read an aritcle about a 14 year old kid on yahoo, wich said that he only survived because of the TV Show he always liked to watch, namely Man vs. Wild from Bear Grylls.

The article mentioned, that the boy was able to built himself an igloo on top of a ski mountain and left behind ski marks in the snow, so that the rescue team was able to find there way to his igloo. It took 14 long hours until the rescue team finally found the boy sitting in his little igloo built by himself, thanks to the knowledge of Bear Grylls and his TV Show.

The boy survived the entire night alone on this mountain and only suffered little frostbite's on his body. Without the knowledge on how to built an igloo the right way and how to get attention to his place.. the little boy would have died due to death from exposure.

There are definitely a lot of nasty, nasty things in the show. But without him doing all this, nobody would know how to fish or how to kill this particular animal, if you really someday would find yourself in a life or death situation.

Also, millions of people out there do and are allowed to do hunting in the woods. They kill and they eat!

I think it shows the true human life on how desperate and horrible it can be. Just like it was back then and how it still is today on so many poor parts of this world.
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