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Originally Posted by albert steptoe
Can people stop going on about which organisation is the best. Who cares, lets just enjoy both. People should be supporting MMA not organisations.
I like both organizations and I’m starting to appreciate the differences even more but there are a few changes I would like to see for BOTH organizations.

It would suck if they merged and became one league with the same rules and fighters.

I still think Pride has more depth as far as talent in some of their weight classes (they also have more fat freaks that shouldn’t be in the ring), and the UFC needs to force fighters on the ground to advance their position or be stood back up.

I’m not much for all the “big show” theatrics that go along with Pride but hay its Japan after all.

It’s just good to see MMA in general (with the help of both organizations) become more popular and pull in more sponsors, talent and a broader fan base.
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