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Originally Posted by vilify View Post
Its an entertaining show but I agree with most of what you said.

Its almost like a wildlife/nature version of MTV's Jackass with all the dumb unnecessary stuff just for shock value.

There's the episode where he scoops up elephant poop from the ground and squeezes the juices into his mouth. He says its a great source of water if you're stranded on a desert.

#1 I wouldn't do it even if I was stranded.
#2 He wasn't even stranded so doing it ffs was just plain gross...but anything for ratings!
That would be the show Wildboyz which is actually hilarious and makes a big deal about not hurting animals. That show served to get a lot of young people interested in animal life around the world

Chasing herds of animals while wearing nothing but belts, nothing bad can come from it!

BTW Bobby, those pirahnas, I've bred them (in captivity of course) and they're really not that crazy. It's a pretty boring fish to be honest, get some Malawi Cichlids in a tank and you'll get some action!

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